Forex Intraday Trend/Momentum Group

Thank you all for making this experiment a resounding success!

We’ve matched 22 groups of traders! Each group contains 4 – 9 traders, and because we achieved such great numbers almost all groups have been matched very accurately based on your chosen criteria. In every case, all of your group members trade the same instrument, most are perfectly matched by style, and most are matched by trade duration, with some judgement calls made where necessary (eg pairing momentum traders with trend followers, or intraday with scalpers)

Quite a few people forgot to add the four digit code on their Discord username e.g. #6789. So for those that forgot, you’ve still been included, but the onus will be on you to reach out to the other members of your group as they won’t be able to find you. (This is a lesson for future, next time we’ll have a separate required field for the code)

Your group members are:


What next?

Reach out on Discord to your new teammates! If you didn’t post your Discord Tag (#0000), you will need to find your teammates.

Create a server for yourselves, keep it just for the group, small teams of traders doing the same thing is the objective here, don’t dilute the pool by inviting random friends.

Then what?

Introduce yourselves.

Share what you’re struggling with and hoping to improve. What are you looking to get out of the group?

Post your intentions – this is where accountability comes in. Do you intend to post your end of day thoughts/journal entry? A weekly review? Your pre-market ideas? Analyze your biggest winner and biggest loser of the week with the group? 

Commit to some form of schedule for sharing/self-analysis and let the group know.

The success of the groups are up to the members – share as you would hope others to share. Bring value to the group in whatever way you can and encourage others to do the same.